Waves X - the ultimate digital asset

Uncompromising security and decentralization for your mining, trading, & development operations.


Taking cryptocurrency to the next level


Up to 10 000 tps, even at peak load times – at no extra cost


Low flat rates on smart contract deployment, token issuance, and trading


Off-chain order matching and community voting mechanisms


Run a Proof-of-Work or a Proof-of-Stake node – or both

A state-of-the-art environment

Waves X combines the speed, simplicity, and low fees of Waves with a range of advanced technological features for launching digital assets, trading, and deploying dApps. The Waves X framework allows to issue new tokens in minutes, compile smart contracts in any Turing-complete language, and build complex applications.

Thanks to the innovative hybrid PoS-PoW consensus protocol, you can earn a high and stable revenue regardless of your hardware type.

The protocol is efficient against different types of attacks and prevents excess centralization. The built-in DEX features an innovative off-chain matching mechanism, which eliminates the risk of front-running orders.

White paper


2FA, luxurious minimalistic design, seamless user experience – our native wallet apps for Android and iOS make working with crypto secure and pleasant.

Even more free WVSX coins – Bounty program

With our bounty program, you can earl WVSX for completing very simple tasks. Write about Waves X on Facebook and Twitter, publish articles and blog posts, shoot videos about the project , and more.


road map

Secure storage. trading. management and distribution of your of you rof your digital assets.

Q3-4 2018

Q3-4 2018 Development of the Waves hard fork concept; building a development team and attracting advisors.

Jan 17, 2019

Snapshot of the WAVES network & distribution of WVSX coins

Q1 2019

Implementation of the basic ICO features; launch of the client & decentralized exchange; listing first ICOs; listing WVSX at exchanges; start of PoW and PoS mining ERC20 pre-sale tokens for ETCV

Q2 2019

Adding basic smart contract functionality; work on the off-chain matching solution for the decentralized exchange; integration with fiat payment gateways; development of native iOS/Android apps.

Q3 2019

Major new smart contract features; testing the off-chain order matching solution; work on crypto derivatives trading tools; launch of native iOS/Android apps; introduction of a smart contract template library.

Q4 2019

Integration of derivatives trading and of the off-chain order matching tool; introduction of smart contract hibernation ERC20 pre-sale tokens for ETCV

Claim your free WVSX coins – Airdrop

All WAVES holders will receive free WVSX after the hard fork on January 17, 2019. You will get 5 WVSX for each WAVES you hold in your personal wallet!



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really receive Waves X tokens completely free?
Yes – and there is more than one way to do it. First, if you hold WAVES in your personal wallet (be it Waves Lite, Waves for iOS or Android, or Ledger Nano), you will receive 5 WVSX coins for every WAVES you hold. Note that exchange wallets will not participate in the hard fork airdrop.

The second way is to take part in our bounty campaign. You can help spread information about Waves X on social media, in blogs and crypto-related sites, earning Waves X in return. We value the input of our community greatly, so we make sure that our bounty rewards are worth the effort.
Are you affiliated with the Waves Platform?
No, though we greatly admire what the Waves team has achieved. By hard-forking Waves, we aim to create a more versatile and secure platform – one that will suit the needs of all market players. Miners, ICO founders, dApp developers, traders, just crypto enthusiasts – everyone will find the features and tools they seek on Waves X. It will resolve some security vulnerabilities, introducing features like 2FA a hybrid mining protocol. On the other hand, Waves X will make it even easier to conduct ICOs and STOs (security token offerings) and create prototypes for blockchain platforms.
What is WVSX?
WVSX is the ticker (symbol) of Waves X – a new cryptocurrency that will be created as a result of a Waves hard fork scheduled for January 17, 2019.
Can I mine Waves X?
Yes. We have made sure to cater to the needs of all categories of users: even if you have only a budget device, such as a Raspberry Pi, you can still run your Proof-of-Stake validation node and earn a mining revenue depending on how many Waves X coins you stake. If you own more powerful hardware, such as a mining rig, you can launch your Proof-of-Work node. And of course, nothing stops you from doing both and doubling your chances to earn a profit. The parallel use of PoS and PoW will alleviate security concerns (such as the “nothing at stake” problem and the risk of a 51% attack) and ensure decentralization and equality among users.
Will I get WVSX if my WAVES tokens are stored in a digital exchange wallet?
No. Only personal wallets can participate in the free distribution of WVSX after the fork. In fact, we do not recommend that you store your cryptocurrency on digital exchanges due to a high risk of hacker attacks and theft.
Does Waves X have a bounty program?
Yes, we have a large-scale bounty program for users of social media, crypto bloggers, influencers, and enthusiasts. You yourself can choose what you prefer to do: tweet about Waves X, retweet our posts, publish information on Facebook, write articles, and so on. Video reviews on YouTube receive the highest rewards.
How will I know that I have received my free WVSX?
After the fork, you will be able to access your personal wallet here on our official website. Your new WVSX coins will appear there. From that moment on, you will be able to transfer them freely.